Yellow Baby Horror Hide & Seek

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This new version of this horror game has many cool novelties. So if you are a huge fan of the original Baby in Yellow, this part is for you. Try it on this site and discover all new additions with an exciting secret ending! The game has the same mechanics as the original product. You are working as a babysitter in the new house. The parents went on a business trip, so you need to take care of their child. In the corner of your screen you can see the list of tasks that includes feeding the kid, bathing him, entertaining him and putting him in bed. The list also has tasks to help you relax after a long day of hard work, like sitting on the sofa and watching TV. When you play for a long time, you can notice strange things that happen in the house. It means that the creepy child started his hunting. But developers added various novelties to this version. The child now has a frightening mask that makes his appearance weirder and scary. Babylicious has his friends toys that will help him do his terrifying plans. The huge raccoon, old teddy bear and other plush toys will play a role in the secret ending. During the game they scare you, their eyes become sparkly and their faces are evil. He likes to sleep with them so if you dont bring them to bed, he remembers it and gets revenge. You have the monitor that allows you to watch him in the bed. The pictures become more fearsome and strange, so dont miss the right time. And in this game version you have the weapons to protect yourself. The huge bit will help you in the end to fight with these odd toys and their great master the kid with red devils eyes. On the third day you can even get lost in the house, because the rooms are full of candles, creepy notes on walls and the lights are bad. He wont let you escape, so the last mission is going to be dangerous and difficult. Fight for your life and stay alive till the end! You are a brave gamer that is tired of average horrors with complicated quests and boring plot? This version is for you! The plot is unique and quests are simple, so nothing distracts you from the process. Pass all quests to reach the fascinating final.

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard