Wobble iMan

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Hello Master Agent, there is a new mission for you: Go for it! Find the secret hidden in the tower with infinite floors! —————————————————————————————— This is perhaps one of the funniest free games in which you play an agent whose mission is to find the secret hidden in an infinite tower! To complete your mission successfully, you must avoid the other agents, use the advantages of the terrain and the facilities to reach the next floor! Be careful not to underestimate the other agents, they will actively attack you! The more coins you accumulate, the more chances you have to solve the puzzles and move to the next floor. The enemies you face will get more and more powerful, but don't worry, your weapons will be constantly upgraded. Impossible to know what is the secret that awaits you. You just have to keep moving! ** Features of this super fun game ** Fun levels and endless puzzles that are beyond imagination! Pass the levels one after the other and earn more and more coins! A funny machine and new experiences that will surprise you! Constantly upgrade your agent's skills and solve the mystery!

mouse only