super Hero of City

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City Hero is action-shooting game. You action hero is got a assignment to save the city. Alians and demons attack the city and you need to save them. Be fast, be carefull shoot enemies and save the city. Good luck! top fun free super city hero game! Face difficulties and challenge obstacles. Go forward like a hero! Simple operation mode, interesting challenge levels. Simply realize the dream of a super city hero. Download Super City Heroes now for free! This superhero crime fighter rescue is an addictive epic full of mission. If you like mech fighters, then this is perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate action, where you will have the opportunity to prove your flying thrilling strategy, just like an action hero contends with others. Download for fun and feel the ultimate flying superhero experience. The smooth construction game control further contributes to easy flying and fighting. There are many stunts you can do. Once you download this superhero first aid kit, we guarantee that you will be hooked soon. In this battle to bring down other opponents, time is limited, so please make the most of your time to kill them. If you are ready to meet this challenge, just download and play. We guarantee that you will not be able to stop playing this immersive and addictive hero saga.

Top fun free super city hero game Face difficulties and challenge obstacles Go forward like a hero Simple operation mode interesting challenge levels Simply realize the dream of a super city hero