Super Crazy World

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+ jungle adventure hit that is addicting, exhilarating, and challenging+ platform for jumping and running old school/obstacle runner+ platformer for children, adolescents, and adults+ easy to learn and play – tough to master+ Retro-style jungle running and leaping adventure. How to Play Bob's Sandy World 2: + Use the control pad to move the Chaves character to the right or left! Click down to duck or on several tree trunks to unlock a bonus level! In addition, Super Sandy can leap by pressing the Jump button! + Eating a mushroom transforms you into Super Silver Sandy. Who can superman! + Eating a golden flower transforms you into Super Golden Sandy, who can shoot balls—press your Fire-Button to shoot! + Leo swimming: hit the Jump-Button repeatedly to swim higher. Release your finger from the button to move down!

Arrow button to control character and Space to jump