Super Adventure World

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Super Land Adventure 3D is a 3D platform land game, discover and collect all the jewels in the island, snow and desert levels. Run and jump your way through every level, beware do not fall in the water or step into a trap or you will have to restart the level all over again. Destroy the enemies by jumping on their heads. With how many stars will you complete the adventure, collect more jewels to increase your star end score! Each level has no time limit, so you can roam around as long as you like! Super Land Adventure 3D is a relaxing and fun platformer and it is free to play! Play this simple and fun platformer! Super Land Adventure 3D Features: - Jump and run around the traps and moving obstacles - Do not hit the enemy monsters, jump on their head to destroy the monsters - Collect all the jewels! - Buy new playable characters, play as a bat or an ancient wizard

mouse only