Squid Game Obstacle Runner

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Try to get to where you're going as quickly as possible to avoid being hit by approaching buses and railroad cars. Keep an eye out for any potential obstacles. The controls are simple: simply push the mouse and run, following the path automatically, dive into the map, and finally slide to safety to complete the game. The game is played on a mobile device or web browser. In order to avoid being captured by the renegades, assist your best teen buddies. Use of the skateboard adventure on the one-of-a-kind boards in the subway will be made possible by double-tapping the screen. For the purpose of obtaining the highest possible score in a given game, you should create another version of yourself and then share it with your social media friends list. Bus Runner is a type of subway running game in which you must be the fastest guy possible in order to save your companion from certain death. The game is unending and requires you to be the fastest guy possible. By unlocking the level, you can expand the number of roles you can take on.

Use mouse click on screen with mouse or mobile touch and character will run o the respective path