Simple Samosa Run

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Pick your character and prepare for an adventure in the Simple Samosa game! However, the road ahead is full of obstacles and foes that will try to stop you. Can you go past them and complete your journey? The heroes of the Simple Samosa show are waiting to see what you've got! Your goal is to go through every level until you complete each one! Also, each stage will have new tactics to master, so you should always try to adapt quickly. Can you put up with this challenge? Let's put you to the test and see what you've got! How to play the game First, let's go through the controls. Luckily, those are pretty straightforward! You only need to use your Left and Right arrow keys to move around. If you need to reach high places, hit the Up arrow to jump. See? If you pay a bit of attention, it should be a piece of cake! Your role is to pick your character to go through each level and complete all twelve of them! However, you will find many obstacles that you need to avoid. For example, try to dodge the fire as it will end your ride instantly, and you will have to start all over. Also, try not to fall into the pit cause you will end up the same way! The other thing you need to keep in mind is to try to dodge or get rid of the incoming foes! You can defeat them by jumping on their head. It only takes one hit!

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