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Description: - it is a free browser multiplayer Shrek style game. Shrek and the donkey are two inseparable friends who are ready for anything for the first place in this difficult battle for Fiona. Do not let other Shreks win the heart of Fiona, destroy the castle and save her first! Use the left mouse button to use the head of your faithful friend Donkey for attack. Use your right mouse button to save your ass and donkey's head from large Shreks. If the shrek has little health, feed him cookies, they restore health. With each defeated enemy, Shrek becomes bigger and stronger, and Fiona gives him super strength. When Shreks dying, they leave you their cookies. Run shrek, collect cookies, beat other shrek with a strong head of a faithful friend - a donkey. Shrek hits on the left mouse button. Shrek can run on the right mouse button. Get to top 1 and become the most powerful shrek.

Shrek hits on the left mouse button Shrek can run on the right mouse button