Poor to Rich - Who is Lucky

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Race or run rich it's new life simulation game, the run rich game teaching you how the people can make an run of life to get richest. When you start playing the run rich game, you will really make an great run of life by picking up a lots of money. To win this new life simulation game you have to race forward and move the player left and right in a long runway, You can easily keep playing and winning each level this run rich game by avoiding some types of furious obstacle that can make you really lose an level or turn you from an richest to poorer and making you lose money or your all money bag. In this new satisfying and challenging game if really you can't win the run rich challenge by turning an rich player, Also if you stay really poor for an long period in the levels of this new fun gameplay or you don't picking up the winning things that helps you get rich you will easily lose before you reach the finish line of the runway. Play the rich run game and compete with youself to get more rich and win this new fun game. It's time to get more and more rich just by getting to the end of the level trail, and collecting fancy stuff by picking up money bag that makes you look moree beautiful also by avoiding unwanted stuff, and the more money you collect, the better your outfit will can look.

Mouse Controls