Pixel Apocalypse Survival Online

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Tens of billions of the dead are destroying the Earth and also continuously. The Zombies make anarchy everywhere. It's the battle that every person that is not dead requires to join! The Empires of zombies can happen at any time. Maybe now will undoubtedly be the last day! A team of survivors called MPS-16 wants to collect other living people. They're circumnavigating the world to discover snipers, weapons, and other shooters to kill zombies. Dead Valley between East is the target location for this challenging journey. The adventure begins terribly; the team is caught in a gallery by crowds of zombies. The shooters need to fight via the dead evening with a couple of guns. Yet, a secret is disclosed, which makes these survivors strongly believe in their target. Their actual war begins. Millions of individuals gather guns, building their groups to combat in interesting gun games - a fun shooting game!

WASD - control character Mouse look around shooting change gun on scroll Tab - menu Q E - attachments and camo gun Enter - chat