Monster Truck Repair

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Due to rusty and messy roads the monster truck is facing many accidental damages and need maintenance. No worries! Best auto car repair shop is near. This auto mechanic garage is providing best mechanic services in the town. So ride the monster truck there and starts repairing and fixing the worn-out body parts. Little boys and girls play your role as a little crazy repairman and fix the mega lorry vehicle’s tyres, engine, and body and paint it in the end to make it look real shiny and new. players! always like to be a part of fun, adventure and thriller, monster truck repair shop is full of all these awesome elements

In this monster truck game you also need to wash and cleanup the mud and dirt from the messy truck Use sponge and soap to clean up the truck like the best salon spa game This mechanic garage game is for fun and learning to take care of their auto cars