Mini Bowl

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STRIIIKE! In this addictive bowling game, you are the ball master tasked with knocking out all the pins. How good is your aim? Test it now! Bowling is a classic, timeless game, but this app puts a new spin on it. With countless lane designs and pin setups, you're challenged in a new way in each new level. The game is perfected with sleek graphics and easy controls: just aim and shoot! Can you knock down all the pins with one throw? You get a strike! Do you need one more try? That's a spare! Don't worry, you can retry the levels as many times as you want. How long will it take you to become MINI BOWLING MASTER? BEST BOWLING EXPERIENCE • You are in control - Easy innovative bowling and spin controls • Build your collection of more than 90+ unique balls and pins • Play with up to 4 of your friends and family members with couch pass and play • You feel like you’re bowling in real life with the most authentic physics and pin action • Learn to play in seconds, stay for the challenge!

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