Merge Tanks: Idle Tank Merger

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Explore the world of cartoons about tanks! Merge Tank is clicker simulation game with funny cartoon art style. Collect all awesome battle vehicles: KV-44, leviathan, gerand, panzer, tiger and more! Can you get to the most epic tank KV-44? Get all into your garage and become battle tycoon. Make the most powerful army in tank games. Which steel monster is the best? Build better war machines by merging and earning more money. Become the world's best Tanker! No battle vehicle is the same. Combine the same tanks to get better, bigger and more profitable ones. Enter a world of tanks and learn the rules of grand battle in this awesome tank transformer game. Everyone will be jealous about your great collection of funny cartoon machinery. Merge Tanks features: â–¶ Many different types of awesome battle vehicles like KV-44, Leviathan or Gerand. â–¶ Intuitive gameplay, easy for anyone! â–¶ Earn money for all battle vehicles in your army. â–¶ Tap to merge your tanks to build better ones. â–¶ Merge all your stress away. â–¶ Idle Merge game â–¶ Adorable cartoon style - no violence. â–¶ Enjoy cartoon about tanks

use your mouse to play