Jungle Adventure - Super World New Games 2021

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Super Adventure of Jungle World is a classic platform jungle run. Just like popular super world games you will have great adventure time through wonderful treasure island. You will going into world full of Venus Flytrap to rescue your princess who is being kidnapped by the evil Frogger. This is good adventure time games that don't need wifi. In this adventure, you must jump and run over venus flytrap, smash evil frogger, grab any gems and jewels, and then explore treasure island. Playing it will brings your childhood back with old school epic games. Take your adventure time in this brand new jungle run now... Control runner Fred to go though treasure island! Get more gems and jewels and become a champion jungle run. How to play: . Press Left or Right to move. . Jump on the top of enemies to smash them. . Use power-up item to achieved special power. . Collect weapon to shoot the enemy. . Explore world : Wild, Forest, Jungle, Mountain. . Grab all the gems and jewels to earn more points. Super Adventure of Jungle World Features: . Beautiful addicting levels. . HD graphics with smooth in-game animations. . Over 20 monsters and 4 challenging bosses. . Cool background music and sound effects with turning on/off buttons. . Games free & easy to play, challenging to master. . Recommended games that don't need wifi. Super Adventure of Jungle World is a Epic game which uses for children and everyone can free to play. Do not hesitate, download it right now, play and enjoy this classical platformer games for free.

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