Imposter Killer: Shoot Hero Legend

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Imposter Killer: Shoot Hero Legend - The best Impostor Shoot hero games in town It's time to take the crew down! Are you finding the endless fun combine between imposter and Shoot? Are you the best imposter Shooter - the greatest Traitor 3D in Imposter Shooter : Shoot Hero Legend ever? Be an imposter Killer today and enjoy the feeling of a traitor 3D. The only one who will beat all the enemies and become the only Imposter Killer: Shoot Hero Legend on Earth. The memorable imposter Shoot adventure is waiting for you, only you. We need an Imposter Shooter go through thousands of dungeons for bounty hunting and become the household name in imposter Shoot theory. Imposter Killer: Shoot Hero Legend an easy, fun, single handed control game. Your mission is to kill all other crew members in a Spaceship . Watch their movements carefully and wait for the best moment to kill them one by one. FEATURES: - Easy to start, hard to get pro - Completely free game - Many skins and accessories to collect - Kill the crew member whenever you want - Game mode with countless challenge Can you become the best Imposter in space? Join Imposter Killer: Shoot Hero Legend and challenge yourself!