Fairy Dress Up :Girls Fairy Dress Up And Makeover

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PLAY FASHION DRESS UP GAME: Clothes, Dresses, Makeups. Help the witch or elf win the beauty contest and then date the most handsome boy Features: 1. The girls are waiting for their makeup artist.Choose the group you like. 2. Whether you like witches or fairies, let us start with the help fairy makeup. 3. Next enter the exquisite dressing time. For the fairness of the game, please choose the most beautiful and fashionable skirts, accessories, magic wand shoes and etc,for each girl. 4. The judges will rate the girls.I believe the girls you like will win. 5. The boyfriend who wants to be the winner of the beauty contest must also be the best and handsome boy. Hurry and help the boy dress up as well. 6. The audiences scored the boys and selected the most handsome boys in the public's mind. 7. What a romantic dating, let us help them take pictures.

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