Eatable Fishes

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Enjoying the world of fishing through gaming. Eatable Fishes is a fun, new online fishing game. Game features Interesting concept. Suitable for all ages. Colorful graphics. Good sound quality. How to play In this game you must survive by trading and eating fish that are larger than you, or else the other predators in the deep sea will gulp you up! No matter if it's buying a bigger boat to hunt more fish or finding a way to hide from your enemies beneath the gloomy water, there are many challenges to face in order to keep yourself safe as well as feed your stomach. "Survive" is an online game – it's free and you don't need to download anything, so just click the image to play! "Survive" is a game where you're on an island.

Game controls Desktop Click the left click button of the mouse to move Mobile Tap on the screen to move Controls and indicators Upper left side of the screen shows the scores Upper right side has life spans Other rewards are shown in the