Deep Worm 2 - Dune Attack

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Control a killer worm in this fun arcade action game. Bring them all to death with your worm. This army just made their last mistake, you must prevent them from occupying the desert where you live but it will not be easy. Helicopters, grenade launchers, parachutists, airplanes and a whole armed force will fight against you. Don't stop until they are all death. Bring to death the soldiers to recover life and do not allow more troops to enter your territory. I'ts a WORM ARMAGEDDON! Guide your deadly worm with some liking for spilled blood until the victory. Features: - Game mode - Arcade and survival mode -20 levels in a 4 arenas -4 skins for you worm related to each dune -A shop where you can buy new habilities and power ups. -A lot of armed enemies (planes, boats, jets, tanks, jetski, etc.)

Tactil Controls Move the worm with the left stick press the right button to turbo and the fire button to shoot fireballs Keyboard Controls move the worm with the arrow keys press the A key to turbo and press the S key to shoot fire